Choosing A Bike Lock

Choosing the best bike lock depends solely on individual circumstances. These circumstances include where you live, how expensive is your bike, which places you usually keep your bike and how much you can actually spend on a bike lock.

There are basically three kinds of bike locks – U-locks, chain locks and cable locks. There is not much difference between U-locks and chain locks as they both offer reasonable security, but cable locks don’t.

Here are certain factors to consider when you are buying a bike chain lock.


lock your bikeThe locks for bicycle one can purchase for their own cycle may weigh as much as 3 kgs. Such high weight can add a significant amount of mass to your everyday cycling. While it’s reassuring to keep a top quality lock, transporting it up a slope can be something of a task. The light portable chain locks can be easily transported. The most secure way to lock your bike is by using a super thick and hardened steel chain having a top quality lock especially if it is for long periods of time.Testing CertificationSold Secure offers independent testing certification which adds credibility and confidence in the lock you have chosen. Three different certifications of Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings are assigned, from which Gold is the safest.

Ease of Use

At your destination, you need to secure your bike to something, which requires a hand or a body part. If your lock needs two or more hands, using it can be very difficult. The lock should be controllable with one hand. If handling a particular type of lock is complicated, you shouldn’t bother purchasing it.


If you live in a damp climate, it is very likely that your lock is subjected to precipitation. This is why an additional weather proofing, especially around the key barrel can be a good thing.


You should know that the best bike locks tend to be heavy and for using one you need to have one with the bike, so it’s necessary that it is convenient to carry. They should not be fiddly that puts you off from using them.