Convertible Bike Trailers

It goes without saying that parents love their children. If you are the type of parent that loves to share your sense of adventure with your child, a bike stroller trailer is just the contraption for you.

Fairly often you may find it hard to keep your child with you in as much as you would like. Thanks to technology and continuous invention, parents are now able to keep up with their children and keep them close to them more through the use of intelligent transport solutions . Bike trailer strollers attach to an adult’s bicycle so that you can take your child along whenever you are on the move. Most are designed to carry one or two children between one to six years old.

Pull behind bike trailers are a wonderful invention all by themselves. Add the ability double up as a stroller with a simple conversion kit and you have on your hands a sure-fire winner. There are various models of bicycle trailer strollers but one thing they all have in common is that they are designed to carry a weight of up to 125 pounds.

Trailer strollers are usually close to the ground, which cuts down on the possibility of serious injuries should your happen to fall off either the trailer or the stroller. Converting the bike baby trailer to a stroller when you reach your destination is as easy as replacing the trailer hook up with a wheel. Bike strollers are great for running errands around town with the kids, or if you choose one of the jogging stroller models, sharing your love of fitness (and giving the kids a great ride at the same time.)

What to look for in a bike trailer

Since the basic mode of transport of a bike stroller trailer is that of a trailer you must take utmost care when choosing the right one for you and your young one. Some of the factors you Bike Trailershould consider when looking for the right bike trailer include:

1. How easy it is to assemble, attach and store

A good bike trailer should be easy to use because having to deal with children is already hard enough. An ideal bike trailer should be easy to assemble when needed, easy to attach and be easy to store at the end of the day when you are tired. If you get yourself a trailer that is easy to use when you want and easy to store when you don’t. you are going to be much more likely to use it. You probably don’t need another clothes hanger.

2. Safety and protection

Protection of your child when you are out having fun is of utmost priority to all parents. When evaluating how safe a single child bike trailer is, you should ensure that it meets the ASTM safety requirements and that the trailer comes with a helmet to protect your child’s head. It should also have a frame construction, restraint system, cover material and hitch design all for your child’s safety.

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3. Ease of towing

Obviously, riding a bike without a trailer uses less energy than one that has a child attached on it. Some models of bike trailers take less energy to tow than others. The ease of towing can be affected by the aerodynamics, hitch mechanism, and the wheel size.

What to look for in a bike stroller

Just like for bike trailers, you also have to be careful when choosing the bike stroller that you will use to bring your child along on your adventures. The beauty of using a stroller is that it Bike Strollergives you a chance to share more of your life with your child. Time is the one thing that you can never get back. Some of the things to look for in a stroller include:

1. Construction of the stroller: A proper stroller should be highly durable,and be easy to convert and use as the parent wishes. as a parent, you may also like it with a little more style added to it. a combination like this will be hard to ignore and places the parent and child in a lovely bonding session every time they go for a ride.

2. Safety: A bike stroller, just like a trailer should be safe for to use for both the parent and child. The stroller should meet the safety standards of the ASTM and should be protective of the child to avoid unnecessary accidents. Just like trailers, it should have a restraint system to prevent any motion that might endanger the child.

3. Price and affordability: As a parent, you wish the best for your child and that is why you want the best for them, even when it comes to getting them a baby stroller. Strollers are a wonderful experienced shared between you and your child, but before buying one, you should look into your budget and find the best within your range. In this way, you will not strain your budget trying to get what you cannot afford.

Which bike trailer and stroller combo to choose

Trailers and strollers basically serve the same purpose, bringing parents closer to their children as they go about their daily activities. Make sure that the one you choose is comfortable for both you and your child as both a bicycle trailer and when converted to a stroller. These efficient transport solutions come in many variations, so you should be able to choose according to your comfort, budget and style. while many parents may consider buying either both trailer or a stroller, there is a better option – a bike trailer stroller that combines the features of both trailers and strollers and designed for a parent on the move

Trailer strollers come with a simple trailer to stroller conversion option that allows you as the parent to switch from trailer to stroller and vice versa as much as you like and to your convenience. Though the cost of trailer strollers is on the higher end compared to trailers alone the wonderful experience validates the price. So look at all the options, choose one of the amazing single or double bike trailer strollers you’ll find at Amazon, and start sharing your whole life with your child, not just the easy parts.

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